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Healthy Air

Jun 2, 2021

In this episode, Paul talks about taking the plunge into entrepreneurship and gives advice on selecting an air cleaning system. He also speaks about upgrading aging HVAC systems and choosing the right level of coverage. Lastly, he discusses Omni CleanAir’s two business segments, their response to COVID, and how their culture is built on learning.

Paul de la Port is the President of Omni CleanAir. Since 1988, their solutions have been deployed to high-stakes applications, keeping people safe from some of the most dangerous airborne pollutants and pathogens. Omni CleanAir’s range of industrial-grade air purification solutions have resulted in 10s of 1000s of installs in the US and abroad. They are used in healthcare facilities for infection control, facilities affected by wildfires, for nuclear facility maintenance and decommissioning, and for hazardous environmental remediation and abatement. He's held executive roles with companies including Danaher, GE, and Dresser. His last corporate role was President of Fluke's Industrial and Digital Systems businesses. Paul is passionate about leading breakthrough innovation and strategic transformations, hands-on product leadership, and commercial execution.